Each additional comic purchased is just $0.25 more per comic for domestic United States orders. The shipping method used at that price is United States Postal Service media rate. Shipping upgrades are optional at additional cost to the buyer.
International buyers are subject to a different set of shipping costs. Below is a guideline for 2020 International First Class rates. First class is not insurable nor is it trackable. If you'd like this method, you will have to relieve me of all responsibility over the package. If you'd like one of those other options, please contact me to determine your shipping rate. If you are buying 20 or more, please contact me for a quote.
Zone 2-9 comics
(regular size)
10-14 comics
(regular size)
15-19 comics
(regular size)
Africa $27.99 $42.99 $65.99
Asia $29.99 $42.99 $65.99
Australia $29.99 $45.99 $69.99
Canada $22.99 $34.99 $52.99
Europe (East) $26.99 $41.99 $63.99
Europe (West) $26.99 $41.99 $63.99
Mexico $24.99 $34.99 $53.99
South America $27.99 $42.99 $65.99