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Avengers West Coast #64 - "Show and Tell"
writer: Terry Kavanagh
artist: Chris Wozniak
inker: Dan Bulanadi
letterer: Jack Morelli
colorist: Bob Sharen
editor: Howard Mackie
editor-in-chief: Tom DeFalco
cover date: November 1990
What Happens
The Great Lakes Avengers are lured into a funhouse by a fake message from Captain America. The message said that an imposter had Cap's famous shield and instructed them to retrieve it from him. At the same time, the real Captain America and the original Human Torch had been lured into the same funhouse by the same guy, who convinced them that Rick Jones was being held hostage there. So, when the Great Lakes Avengers find Captain America and the Human Torch they begin to fight them to get the shield from them. Once the Great Lakes Avengers are defeated, though, Captain America and the Human Torch have time to straighten everything out and hear both sides of the story. The mastermind behind this whole plan turned out to be a kid named Stevie who wanted the shield so that he could bring it to school and say that Captain America gave it to him as a token of their friendship.
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