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GLA #1 - Dis-Membership Drive part 1 "Great Lakes Avengers Misassembled"
writer: Dan Slott
artist: Paul Pelletier
inker: Rick Magyar
colorist: Wil Quintana
letterer: Dave Lanphear
assistant editors: Schmidt, Moore, Lazer
editor: Tom Brevoort
editor-in-chief: Joe Quesada
cover date: June 2005
hit stores: April 6th, 2005
marvel rating: PSR
Marvel.com Preview:
They are the Great Lake Avengers, the guys who got the shortest end of the super-hero stick. But with the REAL Avengers disassembled, they’re going to try to step up to the plate and deal with one of their most powerful villains! Can they save the day? Well, we just hope these guys can save themselves! THIS ISSUE: A GREAT LAKE AVENGER DIES! (Besides Mr. Immortal, duh) Special appearances by: Captain America, Thor, the Vision, the Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye.
Read the first four pages here.
What Happens
It's another uneventful day in the lives of the Great Lakes Avengers ... that is, until the Ani-Men (remember them? if not, dig out some very old Daredevil and X-Men back issues) start wreaking havok. Unfortunately, the "real" Avengers beat the Great Lakes Avengers to the disturbance. Weeks later (after the events of "Avengers Disassembled") the Great Lakes Avengers step up to fill in the hole left by the disassembling of the Avengers. They take on Maelstrom (remember him? if not, dig through those old issues of Marvel Two-In-One and Quasar) ... and that's when tragedy strikes! That's right ... a GLAer dies!
On top of all that craziness, we're treated to the origin of the Great Lakes Avengers as well as Mr. Immortal's origin and back-story.
Spoilers: To find out which GLA member dies in this issue, click between the brackets: [Dinah Soar]
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