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Squirrel Girl
Real Name: Doreen Green
First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes III #8
Joined the GLA: G.L.A. #2
Powers: Enhanced strength, speed, agility, and reflexes; small claws and enlarged incisors; retractable knuckle spike; semi-prehensil tail; can communicate with squirrels; can consume nuts for extra energy
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 100lb.
Origin: mutant
O*N*E Mutant Database Entry: Escaping the taunts of her fellow school students regarding her physical mutation, Los Angeles born Doreen Green fled into the nearby woods where she quickly discovered her affinity for squirrels. Idolizing Iron Man, she adopted the costumed identity of Squirrel Girl in the hope of becoming his crime-fighting partner, and en route to meeting him she encountered and defeated Iron Man's nemesis, the despotic Doctor Doom. Iron Man declined her offer of partnership, and she subsequently moved to New York City to fight crime. There, Green was recruited into the would-be super-team the Great Lakes Avengers, helping them defeat Maelstrom and his agents, Batroc's Brigade, after which they changed their name to the Great Lakes X-Men to avoid a lawsuit. Green appears to be more concerned with the plight of the world's squirrels than involving herself in the human/mutant situation.
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