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Great Lakes Avengers #4
writer: Zac Gorman
artist: Jacob Chabot
colorist: Tamra Bonvillain, Marissa Louise
letterer: Joe Caramagna
assistant editors: Alanna Smith
editor: Tom Brevoort
editor-in-chief: Axel Alonso
cover date: March 2017
hits stores: January 11th, 2017
marvel rating: T+
Marvel.com Preview:
It's a bottle episode! Things get tense inside GLA HQ after the team holds a local politician (and super villain) hostage despite being forbidden from all super hero-related activities. Featuring special guest star Ant-Man (if you squint really hard and pretend that maybe he's just so small that you can't see him, and also he doesn't talk for some reason)!
What Happens:
After the events of last issue, Big Bertha and Good Boy bring Dick Snerd back to their headquarters' basement and tie him up. The Detroit Councilman explains how he got his start as the vigilante known as Nain Rouge and then later shifted into politics in order to help people. His plan for "helping" people is to forcibly remove residents so that he can knock down their homes and put in businesses that provide jobs and tax revenue to the community. When Big Bertha goes upstairs to join the rest of the team in a meeting with their lawyer, Good Boy roughs up Snerd. The team later does a drive-by drop-off of a bound and beaten Snerd at a local hospital. So much for laying low while their injunction is ongoing!
Also, in this issue, we discover that Big Bertha and Mister Immortal were engaged to be married. Key word here: "were".
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