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Avengers Annual #19 - The Terminus Factor part 5: "Beat Me In St. Louis..."
writer: Roy Thomas & Dann Thomas
artist: Herb Trimpe
inker: Jeff Albrecht
letterer: Rick Parker
colorist: Paul Becton
editor: Howard Mackie
editor-in-chief: Tom DeFalco
cover date: 1990
What Happens
The East and West Coast teams of Avengers are both trying to get to St. Louis, where Terminus (a giant alien - no, not Galactus) is heading so that he may drain the whole continent of North America of its life and energy. The teams realize they aren't going to make it to St. Louis in time, and so they call in the Great Lakes Avengers. Our heroes manage to distract the creature from his goal long enough for the other teams to take over the situation.
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