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Mr. Immortal
Real Name: Craig Hollis
First Appearance: West Coast Avengers vol. II #46
Powers: Mr. Immortal is the leader of the Great Lakes Avengers. The final step in human evolution, "homo supreme;" a man who has evolved past death itself. He has the ability to come back to life from any imaginable death that he suffers. It usually takes about 10 minutes for him to completely recover. This gives him the courage to try lots of daring stunts and so he is always willing to put his life on the line for the rest of the team. One side effect of his ability, is that when he comes back, he becomes very angry, and it is usually up to Dinah Soar to calm him down. See his deaths Here!
Origin: Upon her death, Craig's mom made a deal with Deathurge. Deathurge (or D'urge, as Craig calls him) is Craig's very own "guardian angel" keeping him alive even at times when Craig no longer wants to live. What you'd consider invincibility, Craig considers a curse.
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