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Deadpool/GLI - Summer Fun Spectacular
writer: Fabian Nicieza and Dan Slott
artist: Kieron Dwyer, Nelson, Paul Pelletier, and Clio Chiang
inker: Dave Meikis
colorist: Pete Pantazis, Giulia Brusco, AND Wil Quintana
letterer: Dave Lanphear
editor: Nicole Boose
editor-in-chief: Joe Quesada
cover artist: Paul Pelletier
cover date: September 2007
Hits Stores: July 11, 2007
Marvel Rating: T+
Marvel.com Preview:
Wisconsin’s only greatest heroes team-up with the world’s most annoying deadliest merc in this slightly larger than average super sized special! Marvel as DEADPOOL and the newly--crowned GREAT LAKES INITIATIVE face off against hitmen, ninjas, and the POWER OF THE GODS! Swoon as the scintillating SQUIRREL GIRL is reunited with her first love, ROBBIE BALDWIN! And prepare yourself as DEADPOOL trains a GLI’er in one of the deadliest killing arts of all time!!! Ye gods, man! What are you waiting for? This thing’s got time travel, strange bodily functions, and NINJAS? Did we mention the ninjas? Sick of ninjas yet? We thought so. That’s so 80’s, right? Forget about the ninjas. (They are there, though.)
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What Happens

"Drunk With Power"

When Dionysus, the god of revelry and wine, gets hammered and falls into the hands of Advanced Idea Mechanics, the technologically advanced terrorist group develops an inebriation wave targeting super heroes! Every hero around the United States is rendered ineffective, every hero that is except for Deadpool, who's healing factor wards off the inebriation ... and our heroes, the Great Lakes Iniative, who are so far at the bottom of the ranks of superhero-dom that AIM just plain forgot to include them. Can our ever-constantly-name-changing heroes team up with Deadpool without getting themselves killed first? Can the GLI and Deadpool stop the terrorists from taking over the world and rescue the god of wine? The answers are, of course, YES! But, oh what fun it is watching it all happen.

"A Date With Density"

After their last adventure, our newly-government-funded heroes asked Deadpool to be a reserve member of the team ... but, now they can't get rid of him! How best to get him off the couch? Ask him on a date, of course! It falls to Big Bertha to do the loathsome deed and take Deadpool out. Can the two of them see past each other's deformities and find love? Perhaps ... but, that vomit's not a good sign!

"Fight or Fold?"

Deadpool's adding up quite the expense account at the GLI Headquarters. Attempting to make him pay, Flatman challenges Deadpool to a deadly martial arts challenge.

Squirrel Girl Interludes

Squirrel Girl goes on a solo adventure to visit the love of her life, Speedball. Unfortunately, he's gone through some changes in the past few months and is now the self-punishing hero called Penance. Attempting to travel back in time to save Robbie she winds up in the year 2099 where Mr. Immortal can finally deliver a message he's been waiting years to deliver: "Come home. Please. The GLI needs you!" 'Cause guess who's the only one tough enough to get rid of Deadpool ... That's right! Innocent little Squirrel Girl!
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