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Deadpool vol. II #10 - "Road-Trip Roulette!"
writer: Joe Kelly
artist: Shannon Denton
inker: Nathan Massengill
letterer: Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Albert Deschesne
colorist: Jessica Hindzierski
separator: Digital Chameleon
editor: Matt Idelson
editor-in-chief: Bob Harras
cover date: November 1997
What Happens
With many of the heroes supposedly dead after Onslaught's attack, the Great Lakes Avengers step up to try and fill the void. Hoping to gain popularity, they rename themselves the Lightning Rods in an attempt to be associated with the Thunderbolts (who had recently become popular with the general public). But, before they make their next public appearance, Doorman suggests taking a trip to the aquarium because, after all, it is two-for-one-day for minnows. And so, they put off their debut as the Lightning Rods for an afternoon of fun at the aquarium. Coincidentally, Deadpool shows up at the aquarium on the same day toting his guns. He's hunting his friend Blind Al and he'll give her her freedom if she can escape the park before he finds her. So, when the Lightning Rods (AKA the GLA) spot Deadpool in costume with his guns out, they attack him in hopes of averting a disaster. Instead, they end up causing one in the unavoidable battle that follows. They end up breaking the shark tank and flooding the park. Then, when Flatman tosses Doorman towards Deadpool and Blind Al, he ends up falling on top of them, sucking them through his body. Soon after, Deadpool's friend, Weasel, shows up and figures out that Doorman's body has transported Deadpool and Blind Al back in time. But, to when? Find out next issue!
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