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Deadpool vol. II #11 - "With Great Power Comes Great Coincidence"
writer: Joe Kelly
artist: Peter Woods
inker: Al Milgrom, Joe Sinnott, & Nathan Massengill
letterer: RS & Comicraft's Emerson Miranda
colorist: Chris Sotomayor
assistant editor: Paul Tutrone
editor: Matt Idelson
editor-in-chief: Bob Harras
cover date: December 1997
What Happens
The Lightning Rods (AKA the GLA) and Weasel determine that Deadpool and Blind Al have been transported back to 1967 (Amazing Spider-Man #47, to be exact). They also determine that the event occurred when Deadpool's teleporter was activated at the same time as Doorman's superhuman ability. So, to fix the situation, as well as Doorman's physical condition (which has quickly deteriorated since the event), they send a note to Deadpool, by reaching through Doorman's body, telling him to activate his teleporter at midnight (the time that Doorman will activate his power, too). The only problem is that Deadpool's teleporter broke during the time travel and so, he sets out to find the past version of his friend, Weasel. Deadpool lucks out and is able to get the young Weasel to fix his teleporter in time for him and Blind Al to be rescued from the past. After the rescue, our heroes go on their merry way with a small present from Deadpool hanging on Mr. Immortal's arm: a bomb!
In The Book



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