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Avengers West Coast #49 - "Baptism Fire!"
writer: John Byrne
artist: John Byrne
letterer: Bill Oakley
colorist: Bob Sharen
editor: Howard Mackie
editor-in-chief: Tom DeFalco
cover date: October 1989
What Happens
The Great Lakes Avengers break into the base where the Vision, She-Hulk, Captain America, and Scarlet Witch are being held. While the team and the Vision face off against the She-Hulk (who is possessed by That Which Endures), Mr. Immortal and Doorman go further into the base. Eventually they find the "Assimilator" (the device which has control over She-Hulk) and Mr. Immortal breaks into it. He destroys the "Assimilator" but not before he is killed by its protective radiation field. But, as is his nature, in a few minutes, he returns to life. Once the machine was destroyed, the She-Hulk regained control of herself as did the rest of the members of the base. The Great Lakes Avengers have officially saved the day!
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