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GLA #3 - Dis-Membership Drive part 3 "Mistaken Identity Crisis"
writer: Dan Slott
artist: Paul Pelletier
inker: Rick Magyar
colorist: Wil Quintana
letterer: Dave Lanphear
assistant editors: Schmidt, Moore, & Lazer
editor: Tom Brevoort
editor-in-chief: Joe Quesada
cover date: August 2005
hits stores: June 1st, 2005
marvel rating: PSR
Marvel.com Preview:
Sure, we killed a Great Lakes Avenger in #1. And another in #2. But this time itís personal!
Read the first six pages here.
What Happens:
Ashley's agent, Paulo, encourages her to accept a modeling job with an agency in London when he's interrupted by a newsflash on the Great Lakes Avengers and their new members: Squirrel Girl and Monkey Joe. Doctor Doom, clad in his old leather-bound armor (circa Fantastic Four volume III #27), also catches this news feature and is infuriated by the sight of Squirrel Girl joining the team (presumably because of his defeat at her hands back in Marvel Super-Heroes volume III #8).
Back in the midwest, Flatman and Doorman give their two new recruits a tour of their headquarters. They find Mr. Immortal a drunken mess who impales himself on a giant pair of scissors (their Flatman's ... don't ask).
Deep under the ocean, Deathurge confronts Maelstrom about the device he's been constructing to bring about the end of all things (including Deathurge's master: Oblivion). Powerless to stop him, Deathurge can only hope that someone else will be able to.
While Flatman, Doorman, and Squirrel Girl are out investigating Maelstrom's plans, Doctor Doom breaks into the GLA Headquarters and kills two members (one of which is Mr. Immortal).
Bonus: We're treated to a flashback of the Great Lake Avengers' battle with Dr. Tannenbaum's Giant Robot Snowman!
Spoilers: To find out which other GLA member dies in this issue, click between the brackets: [Monkey Joe]
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