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GLA #4 - Dis-Membership Drive part 4 "Countdown to a Miscount"
writer: Dan Slott
artist: Paul Pelletier
inker: Rick Magyar
colorist: Wil Quintana
letterer: Dave Lanphear
assistant editors: Schmidt, Moore, & Lazer
editor: Tom Brevoort
editor-in-chief: Joe Quesada
cover date: September 2005
hits stores: July 6th, 2005
marvel rating: PSR
Marvel.com Preview:
See? We weren’t kidding. Someone DID die in GLA#1. So maybe now you’ll believe us when we tell you that this issue doesn’t just signal THE END for the GLA… but for the ENTIRE Marvel Universe as well! Hmm… Okay, maybe not the ENTIRE Marvel U…. But everybody who doesn’t have a monthly book or plans for an upcoming mini-series-- all of THOSE guys could go! We mean it!
What Happens:
After discovering Maelstrom's plan to implode the entire universe, Doorman, Flatman, and Squirrel Girl return to their headquarters to find Dr. Doom defeated by Big Bertha. But, when his mask is removed, it's revealed that it's not the one, true Dr. Doom.
Spoilers: To find out who it really is, click between the brackets: [Leather Boy]
Deathurge, coming to carry away the latest team casualty, reveals Maelstrom's location to Craig, and the team leaps into action with only 36 minutes to save the universe!
Squirrel Girl summons an army of squirrels (where we meet her new sidekick: Tippy-Toe) who, along with the Great Lakes Avengers take on Maelstrom's flunkies: Batroc, Machete, and Zaran. Mr. Immortal manages to break through their ranks to go after the main villian but, is blocked by an "impenetrable force of proto-natural force." Another GLA member provides the ultimate sacrifice in order for Mr. Immortal to breach the dome.
Spoilers: To find out which member dies helping Mr. Immortal breach the dome, click between the brackets: [Doorman]
Mr. Immortal convinces Maelstrom that completing his goal of destroying the universe will only leave him totally lonesome for all eternity and that he should off himself to prevent this from happening. The villian follows his recommendation with just enough time for Mr. Immortal to turn off the machine causing the end of all things. Taking stock of their victory and losses, the Great Lakes Avengers rejoice as one of their own returns from the dead (revamped as Oblivion's newest herald).
Spoilers: To find out which member it is, click between the brackets: [Doorman]
Back at their headquarters, relaxing after their latest adventure, the Great Lakes Avengers discover that all the current members are mutants and, along with costume changes, rename themselves yet again as the Great Lakes X-Men.
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