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GLX-Mas Special #1
writer: Dan Slott
artists: Matt Haley, Georges Jeanty, Mike Wieringo, Mike Kazaleh, Ty Templeton, & Paul Grist
inkers: Drew Geraci & Karl Kesel
colorists: L. Molinar, Wil Quintana, Laura Allred, & Bill Crabtree
letterer: Dave Lanphear
production: Tom Valente
editor: Tom Brevoort
assistant editors: Schmidt, Lazer, & Sitterson
editor-in-chief: Joe Quesada
cover artist: Paul Pelletier
cover date: February 2006
Hits Stores: December 14, 2005
marvel rating: T+
Marvel.com Preview:
Marvel’s own Milwaukee-based Misfits are back—in their very own, double sized X-mas special! Sure, they survived the GLA mini-series, but can Squirrel Girl, Mr. Immortal, and pals survive... the HOLIDAYS?!? 6 all-new features of mockery, morbidity, and merriment-- including the return of Grasshopper, Deathurge... and the Yuletide tyranny of Dr. Tannenbaum?! By Dan Slott (GLA), Georges Jeanty (Gambit), Paul Grist (Jack Staff), Mike Kazaleh (Ren & Stimpy), and special guest, Mike Wieringo (Friendly Neighborhood something-or-other).
What Happens

"Eggnog, Toilet Paper, & Peace on Earth"

On a mission to get eggnog and toilet paper, Squirrel Girl and Tippy Toe stumble across a shoot-out between S.H.I.E.L.D. and A.I.M. and decide to get involved. The duo manages to defeat MODOK (A.I.M.'s leader) and win the day. Dum Dum Dugan (a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent) reviews Squirrel Girl's S.H.I.E.L.D. file, which covers her defeat of other Marvel heavyweights including: Dr. Doom, the Mandarin, and Giganto! He offers her an opportunity to be an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. but, she turns it down and returns to GLA headquarters with the eggnog. You're probably asking yourself "Where's the toilet paper?" Well, that's what Doorman would like to know, too. So, the duo goes back out ... and stumbles across Thanos in another one of his schemes to take over the universe. .... the end?

"Days of X-Mas Past"

It's that time of year again! Yep ... Dr. Tannenbaum's out to destroy Christmas. While the Great Lakes Avengers are saving the holiday from this laughable villain, Mr. Immortal blacks out while choking on one of Dr. Tannenbaum's constricting holiday wreaths. He flashes back through his life to some significant moments. Four years ago, he gave Dinah Soar a whistle that she used to communicate with. In return, she shared her gift of communication with him. (Y'see, her race can only bond with one mortal in an entire lifetime - allowing for verbal communication) He finally comes to, and discovers that the way to save the world from Dr. Tannenbaum's evil pine trees is to load them up with decorations, rendering them immobile. Meanwhile ... we see the Watcher congratulating Squirrel Girl for her victory over Thanos, reassuring her that it is indeed the real deal and not a clone, robot, or simulacrum.

"Getting Off on the Right Foot"

We're introduced to the new Grasshopper (that's Grasshopper II, for those of you counting) as he defeats the Killer Shrike and prevents him from stealing Project Z from Roxxon Labs. The sexy Dr. Shelton congratulates him and tries to ask him out! Since he's her long-lost brother, Neil, he initiates maximum jump to get out of this awkward situation. We're sure to see more of this guy!

"Working Holiday"

Doorman visits his father, who rips him apart for being a "super hero." He completed seven years of college, after all ... when's he going to join the "real world?" They just can't see eye to eye, though, and Demarr slips out to take care of his new duty as Oblivion's herald ... or, as Demarr likes to call it, "angel of death." But, just which important characters is he collecting for Oblivion? Spoilers (use mouse to highlight): [Grasshopper II (floating lifelessly in space after his "maximum jump") & Demmar's Dad]

"Squirrel-On-Squirrel Action!"

Deathurge (stuck in his squirrel form) offers to kill Tippy Toe for Oblivion if he can get his old body back. He's given eight minutes ... and we're treated to a fun, cartoony, "Tom-And-Jerry"-ish battle between the two squirrels!
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