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I ♥ Marvel: Masked Intentions
writer: Fabian Nicieza
artist: Paco Medina
inker: Juan Vlasco
letterer: Dave Sharpe
colorist: Sotocolor's A. Street
assistant editor: Molly Lazer
editors: Tom Brevoort & A. Sitterson
cover artist: Gez Fry
cover date: May 2006
Hits Stores: March 1, 2006
marvel rating: T+
Marvel.com Preview:
FIRST KISS/LAST DATE: 2 terrific tales of lustful teens in spandex... and out! SQUIRREL GIRL has found the boy of her dreams, but will he ever bounce her way? It's an appropriate question to ask, considering the boy is -- SPEEDBALL! All she wants is a kiss, but he thinks she's nuts! Meanwhile, it's almost time for the wedding of JUSTICE and FIRESTAR! But are both of them ready for marriage at such a young age? Or... what if one of them is, and the other... isn't? .
What Happens
Speedball's making an appearance at the University of Wisconsin in Madison to promote his show (see New Warriors volume III for details). Squirrel Girl has a major crush on that bubbly super-hero and intends to catch his appearance. Meanwhile, at the GLA HQ, Flatman and Mr. Immortal attempt to offer her some advice for talking to Speedball. A few days later, at the event, Squirrel Girl notices a shady figure skulking around. Turns out it's the Bug-Eyed Voice. She manages to make short work of him and Speedball doesn't even notice! Poor girl ...
Later that day, Speedball drops by the GLA HQ and expresses his gratitude for the save (much to Squirrel Girl's delight!)
In The Book



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