Famous Fanmail #16 J.M. DeMatteis

22 Jul

You may not be surprised to learn that most people in the comic business grew up reading comic books. However, you might be interested in knowing what they were reading. Here’s a look at “Famous Fanmail”!

Over the years, J.M. DeMatteis has become one of my favorite writers. His work on titles like Moonshadow, Blood: A Tale and Seekers Into The Mystery are wonderful examples of how far the comics medium can expand beyond super-heroics. Don’t get me wrong … I always enjoy a good super hero book, and so does DeMatteis, it seems. He’s also partly responsible for the most entertaining Justice League comics I’ve ever read as well as some landmark Spider-Man comics (most note-worthy: Kraven’s Last Hunt). Back when he was just a comics fan, he got a letter printed in Thor #176 (cover date – May 1970).

Thor letters page with J.M. DeMatteis

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