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December 7, 2012

Guide to Marvel Comics Presents #91

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Marvel Comics Presents launched in 1988 as an ad-free anthology showcasing four eight-page features, stuffed inside a wrap-around cover. This guide will tell you everything you wanted to know about the series – and more!

Marvel Comics Presents #91
Cover Date: 1991 | Cover Price: $1.25 | Cover Artist: Sam Kieth

Wolverine in “Blood Hungry” part 7
written by Peter David
art by Sam Kieth

Tiger Tyger faces off against General Coy while Wolverine battles with Cyber.

Beast in “Just Friends” part 7
written by Scott Lobdell
art by Jae Lee

The Beast (and Jennifer Nyles, with him) discovers that Commander Courage has designs to turn notable powerful beings (such as Tony Stark and Victor Von Doom) into Were-Borgs under his control. Nyles is now convinced to aid the Beast in defeating Commander Courage and she reprograms the Super Apes to join them. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Courage’s base, the Constrictor rescues the Red Ghost from a group of Were-Borgs.

Ghost Rider/Cable in “Sevants of the Dead” part 2
written by Howard Mackie
art by Guang Yap

Ghost Rider frees Cable and the two of them pursue the Grateful Undead in order to rescue the young girl who was taken by them. In their pursuit, they dare to cross a rickety bridge that gives way. The Grateful Undead seem to think it will drop our heroes into the very center of the Earth!

Impossible Man in “Truth or Daredevil
written by Dave Manak
art by Dave Manak

Searching for his missing son, the Impossible Man ventures into Hell’s Kitchen, New York and interrupts a meeting between Daredevil and the Kingpin.

The Wolverine story was a visual treat! The Beast feature got a little hoaky to suggest that this lame-o villain Commander Courage might actually have a chance of subjugating Marvel heavies like Iron Man and Doctor Doom. Ghost Rider/Cable is still quite bland and the Impossible Man short was fun in an all-ages kind of way. I wouldn’t consider it part of continuity, though.

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December 6, 2012

Famous Fanmail #140 Ralph Macchio

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You may not be surprised to learn that most people in the comic business grew up reading comic books. However, you might be interested in knowing what they were reading. Here’s a look at “Famous Fanmail”!

Marvel’s Frankenstein Monster was originally set in the 1800s but they were considering bringing the monster into the present. Then-future comic book editor, Ralph Macchio, got a letter printed in Frankenstein Monster #12 (cover date – September 1974), weighing in on the debate. Marvel didn’t listen, though, and they managed to bring the monster into the present a few months later. Oh! And that Spider-Man team-up, he’s dreading? It happened in Marvel Team-Up #36 (cover date – August 1975).

Frankenstein Monster letters page with Ralph Macchio

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December 5, 2012

Cyberspace Comics Market Report #28 December 2012

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Here’s a look back at the previous month in online comic sales.

Number of listings in eBay’s “comics” section: 2,087,814 (+4.31% from last month; +30.48% from last year)
Number of those that are Cyberspace Comics listings: 9,804 (+2.53%; +21.49%)
Cyberspace Comics “market share” of comic listings on eBay: 0.46958% (-1.71%; -6.90%)

Number of eBay comic listings that are auctions: 109,711 (-38.72%; -30.38%)
Percentage of eBay comic listings up for auction: 5.25% (-41.29%; -46.65%)

My current eBay feedback (unique): 18,593
My current eBay feedback (total): 35,374
My positive eBay feedback score: 99.9%

Position Dollar Sales # of Current Listings
First Marvel Comics Clearance (2,142 listings)
Second DC Comics (↑) Marvel Comics (1,271 listings)
Third Movie/TV (↑) TPBs (1,090 listings)
Fourth Image Comics (↑) Bad Girls (879 listings)
Fifth TPBs (↓) Image Comics (779 listings)

eBay sellers have increased their listings dramatically, hoping to capitalize on Christmas shopping.

Number of listings on Atomic Avenue: 1,436,988 (-0.67%; -3.30%)
Number of those that are in the Cyberspace Comics Store on Atomic Avenue: 52,899 (+0.92%; +17.38%)
Cyberspace Comics “market share” of comic listings on AtomicAvenue: 3.68124% (+1.61%; +21.38%)
Cyberspace Comics estimated “market share” of AtomicAvenue orders: 5.99% (+26.64%; +5.64%)

Number of members on ComicCollectorLive: 89,062 (+0.37%); +7.43%)

December 4, 2012

Comic Book Cover Swipes Exposed #140 Warrior Nun

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After looking at hundreds of comic book covers, it becomes quickly apparent that not every cover is 100% original. Whether done intentionally or even underhandedly, there’s something about uncovering these “swipes” that adds a new element of fun to reading and collecting comics.

Warrior Nun Areala debuted in Ninja High School #38 and went on to star in several of her own solo titles over the next two decades.

Warrior Nun Areala #1
Warrior Nun Areala #1
December 1994
Ben Dunn
Furrlough #37
Furrlough #37
January 1996

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December 3, 2012

Guide to Marvel Two-In-One interlude

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Marvel Two-In-One launched in 1974, teaming the Thing with a different hero each month. This guide will tell you everything you wanted to know about the series – and more!

Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Date: 1977
Cover Price: 60¢
Writer: Jim Stariln
Artist: Jim Starlin

WHO stars in this issue?

the Thing – Benjamin J. Grimm was bombarded by cosmic rays in a space exploration flight, alongside three friends. The cosmic rays gave each of them different powers, and they formed the Fantastic Four. Ben underwent the most physical change of the foursome: his skin mutated into orange rock and, as a result, he gained super-strength. At this point in Marvel Continuity, Ben Grimm was reverted back to human form but he operated an exo-skeleton armor created by Reed Richards that was made to look exactly like the Thing.

Spider-Man– When Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he gained super-strength and the ability to stick to wallls. Using his scientific background, he devised web-shooters that allow him to swing from tall buildings.

WHAT happens?

As seen in the Avengers Annual #7, Captain Marvel and the Avengers were captured by Thanos (who is now in control of Adam Warlock’s soul gem). The villain intends to use the gem to destroy the Earth’s sun – in a move to please Death. The Avenger, Moondragon, sends out a mental summons for help that is intercepted by Spider-Man. But, the web-slinger doesn’t have the ability to reach Thanos’ space ark so he heads to the Baxter Building for help with transportation. The Thing decides to lend a hand and the two heroes fly off into space to rescue the Avengers!

Spider-Man and the Thing get pulled into the Space Ark via a tractor beam and they manage to free the Avengers. It becomes an all-out battle as the Thing, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and the Avengers square off against Thanos and his minions. During the battle, Spider-Man finds the Soul Gem encased in glass and unwittingly gets it to release the imprisoned Adam Warlock. In a suicidal last gambit, Adam Warlock utilizes all his power to change Thanos into a block of stone.

WHERE does the story take place?

In outer space aboard Thanos’ Space Ark.

WHEN does the villain next appear?

Although Thanos is essentially changed to petrified stone at the end of this issue, this isn’t the last we’ve heard from him. In 1990, he was revived in the pages of Silver Surfer #34.

WHY is Spider-Man the guest-lead?

Spider-Man is totally out of his element in this issue so my only guess is that he was included here because of his popularity.

HOW was it?

Although this issue can be read as a stand-alone story, you’ll get a lot more out of it if you read it along with Avengers Annual #7 (and even the preceding issues of Strange Tales and Warlock). Despite this being the Thing’s series, he really doesn’t get much limelight here – in fact, with the amount of focus on Spider-Man, you’d almost think this was an issue of Marvel Team-Up. As far as importance goes, its a very notable part of the character histories of Adam Warlock and Thanos. Action fans will probably enjoy it but if you’re into comics for characterization, there isn’t much to be enjoyed here.

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