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October 7, 2014

Cyberspace Comics Market Report #50 October 2014

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Here’s a look back at the current comics aftermarket.

Number of listings in eBay’s “comics” section: 2,787,804 (-3.58% from last month; -24.55% from last year)
Number of those that are Cyberspace Comics listings: 74,052 (-5.03%; +440.25%)
Cyberspace Comics “market share” of comic listings on eBay: 2.65628% (-1.50%; +333.76%)

Number of eBay comic listings that are auctions: 312,677 (-24.92%; +93.53%)
Percentage of eBay comic listings up for auction: 11.22% (-22.11%; +55.34%)

My current eBay feedback (unique): 32,618
My current eBay feedback (total): 60,276
My positive eBay feedback score: 99.9%

Position Dollar Sales # of Current Listings
First Marvel Comics Marvel Comics (14,318 listings)
Second Marvel (Bronze) DC Comics (9,227 listings)
Third CGC Other Indies (7,778 listings)
Fourth DC Comics Image Comics (5,129 listings)
Fifth Magazines (↑) Dark Horse (2,992 listings)


Number of listings on Atomic Avenue: 1,404,303 (-11.09%; -9.46%)
Number of those that are in the Cyberspace Comics Store on Atomic Avenue: 72,380 (-1.66%; +20.61%)
Cyberspace Comics “market share” of comic listings on AtomicAvenue: 5.15416% (+10.60%; +33.21%)
Cyberspace Comics estimated “market share” of AtomicAvenue orders: 4.91% (-2.77%; -42.97%)

The number of comics available on Atomic Avenue continues to plummet. In three months, it has fallen by over 300,000 available comics. That’s more than a 15% drop in one fiscal quarter. Of course this is in reaction to their rather steep increase in fees of nearly 50%. Atomic Avenue’s total number of available comics hasn’t been this low since August 2012 (over two years ago!).

Number of members on ComicCollectorLive: 97,374 (+0.33%; +4.47%)

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