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April 4, 2013

Cyberspace Comics Market Report #32 April 2013

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Here’s a look back at the previous month in online comic sales.

Number of listings in eBay’s “comics” section: 2,244,316 (-4.37% from last month; +37.30% from last year)
Number of those that are Cyberspace Comics listings: 11,211 (-5.23%; +31.96%)
Cyberspace Comics “market share” of comic listings on eBay: 0.49953% (-0.94%; -3.89%)

Number of eBay comic listings that are auctions: 113,080 (-46.71%; -36.88%)
Percentage of eBay comic listings up for auction: 5.04% (-44.33%; -54.03%)

My current eBay feedback (unique): 21,124
My current eBay feedback (total): 39,484
My positive eBay feedback score: 99.9%

Position Dollar Sales # of Current Listings
First Marvel Comics Clearance (1,712 listings)
Second Movie/TV Marvel Comics (1,332 listings)
Third Bad Girls (↑) Bad Girls (1,055 listings)
Fourth Marvel (Bronze) (↑) Other Indies (957 listings)
Fifth Image Comics (↓) TPBs (950 listings)

Ebay has put another nail in the coffin of the “auction listing”. Previously, they offered their regular users 50 free auction listings every month. As of April 16th, users can get 50 free listings in either the auction or fixed price format. Since auction ending prices have sharply decline in the past five years, many users will shift their 50 free listings to the fixed price format over the upcoming months.

Number of listings on Atomic Avenue: 1,496,016 (-2.23%; -3.01%)
Number of those that are in the Cyberspace Comics Store on Atomic Avenue: 54,984 (+1.58%; +18.40%)
Cyberspace Comics “market share” of comic listings on AtomicAvenue: 3.67536% (+3.89%; +22.07%)
Cyberspace Comics estimated “market share” of AtomicAvenue orders: 3.90% (-51.91%; -25.43%)

Number of members on ComicCollectorLive: 90,982 (+0.49%; +7.09%)

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