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November 24, 2010

Glow In The Dark Comics #16 Cristian Dark

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During the speculator boom in the 1990s comic book market, publishers enhanced comic covers to increase sales. These gimmicks included shiny foil, holograms and even pop-ups! But, one of the coolest enhancements was the glow in the dark cover. Let’s shed some light on the subject, shall we?

Cristian Dark #2 glows in the darkPublisher: Darqüe Studios
Cover Date: April 1993
Cover Price: $2.50

Darqüe Studios proved that glow in the dark cover enhancements weren’t just for the mainstream publishers with the second issue of Cristian Dark. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to glow strong enough on it’s own so I had to use a blacklight – that’s why this one looks purple instead of the usual green hue..

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