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April 30, 2011

Minimate Spotlight #50 Thor Movie

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Action figures have long been a perfect compliment to comic books, since every kid (or kid at heart) has that natural desire to act out adventures with their favorite heroes off the drawn page. Every so often, a unique style of figure comes along that breaks the mold, so to speak. Each Saturday, Donny B will be showcasing various offerings from Art Asylum’s take on the ‘block figure’, with a weekly spotlight on Minimates.

Last week, we looked at the Frost Giant army builders. This week, we’re looking at the other army builder in the Thor Moviemates release: The Asgardian Royal Guards.
But the guards by themselves are a bit boring, so I threw in two of the bigger guns in the Asgardian army: Volgstagg and Lady Sif. These two characters were released in a TRU exclusive 2-pack, and rumor has it, they will be accompanied by the remaining Warriors Three in a future TRU exclusive release.

Behind the Image:

This was extremely straight forward. I found an image of the Asgardian throne room from the Thor movie, printed it out, stuck it behind the minimates, arranged the lighting, and took the photo.
Setting everything up was a bit time consuming, but the process of taking the photo couldn’t have been more simple. Chalk up another win for macro mode 😉

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