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May 21, 2011

Minimate Spotlight #53 Darkclaw

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Action figures have long been a perfect compliment to comic books, since every kid (or kid at heart) has that natural desire to act out adventures with their favorite heroes off the drawn page. Every so often, a unique style of figure comes along that breaks the mold, so to speak. Each Saturday, Donny B will be showcasing various offerings from Art Asylum’s take on the ‘block figure’, with a weekly spotlight on Minimates.

Several weeks ago, I showcased one of my more recent attempts at creating a custom Minimate. This week, I’m putting the focus on the custom work of another artist with an image of a hand-made Darkclaw Minimate.

This masterpiece was made by Fujis (of Minimate Headquarters fame), and expertly recreates the Amalgam of Wolverine and Batman into Minimate form.
Since all of the characters in the Amalgam Universe share a license between Marvel Comics and DC Comics, getting through the red tape in order to produce toys of those properties would be a logistical nightmare. So if you want to see a Minimate of a character like Darkclaw, your only realistic bet is to create (or commission) a custom.

And as far as custom Minimates go, I’d have to say that this one matches whatever a professional company could produce! 

Behind the Image:

Since Fujis did such a standup job creating this custom, I wanted to go a bit overboard in how I produced the image that showcased his work.
I set the ‘mate on top of a toy building, arranged some red lighting, took the photo, and then went nuts adding effects (namely the sky and the fog) in photoshop.

On Ebay: Amalgam, Darkclaw

On AtomicAvenue: Amalgam, Darkclaw

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