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June 6, 2011

One-Shot At Greatness #62 Siege: the Cabal

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Because publishers want you to buy their product every month, comics are typically serial in nature. However, occasionally (and more often nowadays than ever before) publishers launch a comic title that is only meant to last for one issue. While ongoing series often have multiple chances to hook in new readers, the comics highlighted in this ongoing investigations only had One-Shot At Greatness!

Siege: the Cabal #1Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Date: February 2010
Cover Price: $3.99
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Michael Lark

*Warning! Plot Spoilers Below*

Some of the big bad guys of the Marvel Universe have a meeting that reminds me a lot of their get-togethers from the Acts of Vengeance crossover. But, this time around, they’re even less friendly, as Doctor Doom is demanding that Norman Osborn turn Namor over to him. Now, at this point in Marvel’s continuity, Osborn’s amassed quite a bit of power and is head of H.A.M.M.E.R. (his version of S.H.I.E.L.D.). That power, coupled with his maniacal Green Goblin persona, leads him to turn down Doom’s demand (which is not something one should do, lightly). In response, Doom releases a swarm of insect-sized dangerous robots upon Osborn and his compatriots.

After the swarming menace was defeated, Osborn turned his attention towards Asgard (which was hovering over Oklahoma, at the time). But, once again, he was met with adversity. This time, the President of the U.S. declined Osborn’s request to launch an attack on the “invading” Asgard. Finally, he and Loki decide that an incident will have to be engineered to initiate public outcry against Asgard.

For a one-shot prequel, there’s a lot going on here. Initially, the interaction between Osborn and Doom, was handled very well. Bendis has a keen ear for dialogue and he also demonstrates a strong understanding of both of these characters. For the action lovers out there, the middle of the book appeals to you as the Dark Avengers take on Doom’s tech-swarm. And, finally, you criminal masterminds and 9/11 Truthers will get a kick out of Loki and Osborn planning to orchestrate an incident to inspire national pride and xenophobia.

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