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July 9, 2011

Minimate Spotlight #60 Hydra

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Action figures have long been a perfect compliment to comic books, since every kid (or kid at heart) has that natural desire to act out adventures with their favorite heroes off the drawn page. Every so often, a unique style of figure comes along that breaks the mold, so to speak. Each Saturday, Donny B will be showcasing various offerings from Art Asylum’s take on the ‘block figure’, with a weekly spotlight on Minimates.

The loyal minions of super-villains such as the Red Skull and Baron von Strucker, HYDRA Agents are bent on world domination through terrorist attacks and dangerous experimental technologies… What better characters could you ask f0r when making Minimate army builders? And the really cool part about these particular ‘mates is that they’re designed with two distinct looks. Depending on which accessories you use, you can either have an old school HYDRA Agent, or a more modern version!

Behind the Image:

No photoshopping on this image – just some straight up photos with fun lighting 🙂

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