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October 26, 2011

Comics That Never Were #2 the Intruders

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Due to the continuous nature of most comics, work is often planned for comics that are months away from being published. Occassionally a title is prematurely canceled, leaving unpublished writings/ideas/art behind in various stages of completion. Here’s a look at a comic that never was.

Silver Sable operates a legitimate mercenary operation. Her most well-known team is the Wild Pack but, she also had a squad called the Intruders. It was made up of super-powered or costumed mercs including Sandman, Paladin, Fin and Man-Eater. In Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #19, Man-Eater had a solo back-up feature that revealed he’s the result of a man and tiger merged together. The last panel also teased an upcoming Intruders mini-series!

Silver Sable #19 Man-Eater back-up

In the next issue, it’s announced that the Intruders mini-series will be available in May of 1994. That would probably have given it a cover date of August 1994.

Silver Sable #20 Intruders letters page

Once Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #27 came out (cover date of August 1994), it was announced that the Intruders mini-series had been delayed. This is probably because sales of the main title had begun to slip.

Silver Sable #27 Intruders letters page

Interestingly enough, one issue before Silver Sable & the Wild Pack was canceled, they were still hopeful that the Intruders would be published.

Silver Sable #34 Intruders letters page

Needless to say, it never came out. No creative team was announced and we never saw any teaser art. It’s unfortunate, because there was certainly a lot of back-story to be filled for Fin and Man-Eater.

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