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January 10, 2012

Comic Book Cover Swipes Exposed #93

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After looking at hundreds of comic book covers, it becomes quickly apparent that not every cover is 100% original. Whether done intentionally or even underhandedly, there’s something about uncovering these “swipes” that adds a new element of fun to reading and collecting comics.

Avengers #70 featured the first major appearance of the Squadron Sinister (and their first cover appearance). It was a team of villains meant to be analogous to DC’s Justice League. Hyperion = Superman. Whizzer = the Flash. Doctor Spectrum = Green Lantern. Nighthawk = Batman. An alternate universe version of the team, the Squadron Supreme, has since been more prominently featured in the Marvel Universe and included even more heroes that were derived from DC characters.

Avengers #70
Avengers #70
November 1969
Sal Buscema
A-Next #10
A-Next #10
July 1999
Ron Frenz

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