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February 27, 2012

One-Shot At Greatness #100 Thorion

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Because publishers want you to buy their product every month, comics are typically serial in nature. However, occasionally (and more often nowadays than ever before) publishers launch a comic title that is only meant to last for one issue. While ongoing series often have multiple chances to hook in new readers, the comics highlighted in this ongoing investigations only had One-Shot At Greatness!

Thorion of the New Asgods #1Publisher: Amalgam Comics
Cover Date: June 1997
Cover Price: $1.95
Writer: Keith Giffen
Artist: John Romita Jr

When the DC and Marvel Universes merged in Marvel vs DC, a new one was created: the Amalgam Universe. This one-shot combined Thor with Orion (of the New Gods).

*Warning! Plot Spoilers Below*

In a bid to unleash Ragnarok upon the Asgods, Thanoseid sends L’ok D’saad to set free the architects of the “end day”: Surtur, Kalibak, Ymir and Mangog. But, Thorion manages to defeat the villain and, by fusing the four giants together with himself, he becomes the Celestial!

It’s a pretty basic plot but there’s some fun action to be had here: trolls and other creatures invading Asgod; Thorion vs L’ok armed with the Mother Cube. But, perhaps what is most intriguing is this mysterious new creature formed from Thorion and the world-ending giants. What powers and goals does this enormous Celestial possess? That’s a mystery that may forever remain unlocked – but I shouldn’t wouldn’t mind seeing it explored!

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