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May 25, 2012

Guide to Marvel Comics Presents #63

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Marvel Comics Presents launched in 1988 as an ad-free anthology showcasing four eight-page features, stuffed inside a wrap-around cover. This guide will tell you everything you wanted to know about the series – and more!

Marvel Comics Presents #63
Cover Date: 1990 | Cover Price: $1.25 | Cover Artist: Bret Blevins

Wolverine in “Sign of the Beast” conclusion
written by Dwight Zimmerman
art by Paul Ryan

Sheik and his crew discover Archie Corrigan’s ripped up shirt on a bloody patch of ground and assume Wolverine has killed him. Left with their only other captive, Tyger Tiger, they continue to march through the jungle towards civilization. But, as they proceed, Wolverine begins picking off the assassins one by one. First Barrett … then Rhys … followed by the twins: Stump & Scarface. Finally, after Dumas runs off, Sheik is quickly defeated by Wolverine. Tyger Tiger has been freed from captivity and their friend, Archie reveals that he’s fine, too. His death was just a ruse to frighten the assassins.

Poison in “Vandals of the Heart” part 4
written by Steve Gerber
art by Cindy Martin

We’re introduced to Ferdinand “Foxy” Pertierra – an assassin who has just gunned down Weldon Leek. Meanwhile, Trinity Joe is warned that Foxy is going to be sent to kill him next, on orders from the Slug.

Scarlet Witch in “Separate Lives” conclusion
written by Richard Howell
art by Richard Howell

Thanks to the assistance of her ancestor, Red Lucy, the Scarlet Witch‘s spirit has returned to her own time but she’s dismayed to find that her astral form hasn’t automatically merged with her physical body. She seeks out the Past Master‘s apartment and discovers he’s trapped her body within a mystical shield that keeps her spirit out. Summoning her mutant hex powers, she launches an attack on Past Master that causes him to dissipate the mystic shield – allowing her to merge with her body! But, by the time she’s re-acclimated herself to physical existence, the Past Master has made his escape.

Thor in “Horse Blood
written by Len Kaminski
art by Don Heck

Thousands of years ago, a sixteen year old girl called out for help – her people consumed by a plague of darkness. In response, Thor descended upon the Earth – but not in time to keep her from being captured by the dark beings. As he entered the village, he discovered half of them had been turned into vampires! But, they are easily defeated – for a vampire burns at the touch of that which it worships … and Thor was indeed worshipped by the Norse people. However, there is a vampire amongst them that does not worship the Norse gods – one that claims he’s been known by many names through the ages: Baal (in Babylonia), Croatoan (in America) and Varnae (in Atlantis). In the Marvel Universe, he is often considered the first vampire – predating Dracula. The battle raged on into the night but Thor devised a plan to defeat the Lord of Vampires. Using his enchanted hammer, Thor opened a whirling vortex in the very fabrice of outer space, itself. Through the vortex, he was able to summon the pure light from the very surface of our sun – for no lesser light seemed to have an effect on Varnae. Forseeing his death, Varnae took his leave – rather than succumb to oblivion delivered by the sun’s rays. With the villain gone, Thor then turned the sun’s light on the Norse people – utterly destroying all of those who had succumbed to the vampiric curse. Well, almost all … 121 were left alive but they soon left their colony on the island of Roanoke, Virginia in search for their dark lord. The only thing they left behind? “Croatoan” carved into a tree…

The Wolverine tale was a quick rumble in the jungle episode that features him struggling with his bestial side but I think it’s easily topped by Blevins incredible front cover. How cool does Wolverine look there?! Poison’s feature was all set up and no pay off. The Past Master was quite a lame concept for a mystical villain – I’m happy to see this adventure over and done with. The Thor story was a very neat battle: the Norse God of Thunder vs the First Vampire! And, the icing on the top of that cake was the attempt to explain the mystery of the 121 missing English settlers from Roanoke, Virginia.

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