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August 15, 2012

Connecting Covers #32 Terminator

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A fun aspect of comic books is that sometimes their covers combine to make an even larger image. Here’s a look at some connecting covers.

Painkiller Jane debuted in the pages of 22 Brides and quickly moved on to her own series, published by Event Comics in 1997. In December 2005, SciFi adapted the character into a made-for-tv movie that led to a single-season television series. With the newly-acquired attention, Dynamite Comics launched a second Painkiller Jane comics series. By the time they followed that up with her third series, they had also acquired the rights to publish Terminator comics and both characters were thrown together in a crossover story. The story continued into Terminator 2 #6 – both variants combine into the image below.

Terminator 2 #6

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