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November 20, 2012

Comic Book Cover Swipes Exposed #138 Doom Patrol

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After looking at hundreds of comic book covers, it becomes quickly apparent that not every cover is 100% original. Whether done intentionally or even underhandedly, there’s something about uncovering these “swipes” that adds a new element of fun to reading and collecting comics.

After the Vertigo series, Doom Patrol was relaunched in 2001 as a more straight-forward hero book. Well, straight-forward … for Doom Patrol, that is. The series was still very quirky and I was glad to see that it didn’t completely ignore what happened before. The last issue of this series swiped the first issue’s design.

Doom Patrol vol. III #1
Doom Patrol vol. III #1
December 2001
Tan Eng Huat
Doom Patrol vol. III #22
Doom Patrol vol. III #22
September 2003
Tan Eng Huat

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On AtomicAvenue: Doom Patrol


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